Stakeholders specialized in lubricants and ISO 9001 certified, we support each of our customers in their industrial issues and maintenance management of their equipment. We work exclusively with professionales and outside major retail channels… and this in a wide variety of activities, including automotive, mechanical and industrial sectors.

We design, manufacture and distribute our wide range of products tailored to the specific needs of each our customers.

We offer our customers a full range of personalized and tailored services, based on the quality of the technical support and of adapted advice to optimize the functioning of your operations.

Since 1953, 70 years bring us together, 70 years await us

“In 70 years, even if the world has changed profoundly, our commitment to you is still the same: to offer you the best quality products and a local service. 70 years is also the story of a company made of meetings and projects carried out by teams that have been able to constantly renew themselves to maintain the pioneering spirit at its highest level. On behalf of all the generations of entrepreneurs who have built the HAFA Group over the last 7 decades, I would like to thank you for your loyalty and trust.. » Julien HUE

Our identities through time.


HAFA claims the Pionner Spirit. To have the Pioneer Spirit is :

To have a face… and character: above all the adventures of the pioneers are stories of men and women. Here stands the difference of HAFA: beyond the quality of our products, a clear pre-requisite of our business, the identity of HAFA is forged by each member of its team. Personalities at the service of our customers.

To be on the ground: the pioneers are men and women of action. In the same way, that our teams are in the field every day alongside each of our clients. Our identity: a real proximity. Being close to our customers, being close to the problems they encounter.

Reaffirming a story and an experience: HAFA is one of the pioneers of our profession. Founded in 1953 by historical stakeholders in the French lubricants market (some of whom have been present in this business for over 100 years), our industry group and our brand provide our clients with expertise and know-how that has gone through all the technological evolutions of the past decades … and will undoubtedly continue in those to come!

Having a taste for independence: a family group, HAFA has managed to preserve its commercial and technical independence in a competitive environment. This is a key point to ensure our flexibility and adaptability, and the guarantee of the reliability and impartiality of the advice we provide.

Having the ambition to reinvent the way to do our job: with constantly evolving ranges, HAFA demonstrates continuously its ability to anticipate technological shifts and new challenges faced by our customers. But because innovation does not lie only in our products, our service offering is evolving to offer our customers unparalleled support tools.

To reach out beyond new frontiers: HAFA supports its clients on all continents and in an ever wider diversity of professions!


m€ in turnover (2015)
production and R&D sites throughout France
employees within the group
salespersons covering the whole territory
% of the turnover generated by repeat customers
countries and 2 continents in which HAFA is present
references offered in our lubricant catalogue
The HAFA group is certified ISO 9001